Power Scrubber Rental for San Diego, CA

Whether you own a business in a commercial environment or a facility in an industrial environment, cleanliness is crucial to the health and safety of your employees and customers. When you need to rent a power scrubber to clean your workplace, look no further than QC Power Clean. We have a variety of power scrubbers to choose from, and we proudly service those in and around San Diego, CA.

Our Top-Quality Power Scrubbers

Our power scrubbers are top-of-the-line, so you can rest assured that when you use them, you will be able to clean your workplace efficiently and thoroughly. Our scrubbers are also large enough to ride on, so you won’t have any need to push around a heavy waxing or scrubbing machine.

We also have sweepers that are perfect for picking up large amounts of debris before scrubbing begins. When you use a fleet of sweepers and scrubbers in and around your business, you can ensure a clean and sanitary workspace for your employees. In turn, a clean environment will not only keep your employees healthy but will also raise their morale and increase productivity.

Our Power Scrubber Contract Services

QC Power Clean can provide you with a fleet of high-quality power scrubbers, but what if you don’t have the personnel necessary to use these great machines to clean your business? In these cases, we are proud to offer our customers a contract service to sweep and scrub your place of business. Our cleaners are always on time, will treat your grounds with care, and can even service our equipment on the spot. Don’t worry if you can’t find anyone to use our power scrubbers — let us help you so you can focus on your business.

For a free estimate, or to learn more about our power scrubber rental services, reach out to us today by calling (888) 512-5326. You can also fill out our online contact form.